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Who We Are

At Amat Enterprises we constantly keep perfecting and improving existing technologies as well as developing new technologies in order to provide our customers with the best solutions, products, and services.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with innovative and reliable products that help our customers to operate their assets in a safe, more efficient, and environmentally sound way. Our mission is Perfecting Sensible Technology.

Our Vission

Our vision is to keep our position as a market leader with a high level of end-customer satisfaction within our core business. In order to achieve that, we constantly improve our existing products, develop new solutions as well as expanding our sales/service effort and distribution network.

Our Values

Amat Enterprises’ core business is to develop, adapt and integrate monitoring systems for the global market. Our monitoring systems are to meet the market requirements for environmental compliance, hazard detection and protection, and process optimization.



Amat Enterprises achieved tremendous success by virtue of constant dedicated efforts, devotion to duty and maintenance of quality control. This quality management system was properly implemented and is being successfully executed at all production stages.


Exclusive Products

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Head Cutter



Hair Cutting Scissor



Hair Thinning Scissor



Cuticle Scissor



Welcome to AMAT

Amat Enterprises is a manufacturing & export company, selling professional barber and beauty tools to the customers all over the globe. Our company ensures that each and every Instrument being produced here is crafted to its perfection. Based in Sialkot - Pakistan, Amat Enterprises is providing quality manicure implements and the best value prices. We design and manufacture high quality

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Our Certificates

Amat Enterprises is registerd in sialkot chamber of commerece and also registered in FBR for text registration, we provide high quality products.